• There are around 75 species of juniper in the world, four species were found in Mongolia. Juniper is a fragrant evergreen that grows in the mountain, and has pleasant smell which comes from the oil released by the plant. This oil kills bacteria in the atmosphere and used as an air fresher.

  • Mongol herders perform the coaxing ritual to encourage a mother animal to accept a new-born baby animal or to adopt orphan. This is a culture that expresses the interaction and communication between humans and animals, and Mongols could make a camel to cry with the melody of a Morin Khuur (horse fiddle). In general, the coaxing ritual should be performed when the young mothers including camel, horse, cow, sheep and goat tend to reject or lose their own baby-animals. This is a kind of lullaby. Everyone has its own coaxing style.

  • One of Mongolia’s most famous export is cashmere, and country produces 48 percent of the total raw cashmere in the world. The harsh climate resulted in four naturally occurring colors of cashmere such as white, beige, warm grey and brown. Factory stores have many different products from bedding to clothes   which are keeping up with modern fashion under its Organic label.