• The Mongolian winter is not just a good time to escape other tourists and attend to number of interesting events that attract attention of the tourists are held here in winter. All the events cover a complex topic and aim to show unique cultural features of Mongolian people. 

  •  To the all valued guests and collogues, we extend our warm wishes. May this upcoming year be the brightest and happiest for you. 2020 was one of the most challenging year for all of us. We wish the coronavirus ends soon and we are able to resume our normal lives in the year.

  • During winter, some parts of central Mongolia receive the heavy snowfall while other parts only get the experience of sweet chill, it’s because of intense weather with extreme variation temperatures. Whether, it is combination of the most intense biomes including forest zone- Orkhon Valley area, Elsen Tasarkahi- Semi desert, and Altai mountains (south).

    The central part is the most visited area with Takhi-wild horses, ruins of ancient capital city and cultural landscape of UNESCO World Heritage.